Practicing Monogamy Now vs. Then

Never in history has there been a time when people have been so connected and sexually viable. While there have been some wild periods in terms of promiscuity, no previous generation was afforded the global sexual reach—crossing all cultures—that is in front of us today. As a result, the value of the monogamy promise has reached an unprecedented height. It is easily worth hundreds, if not thousands, times more than it was at its inception. Think about it.

When the concept of promising monogamy was first introduced, the average person probably met a total of ten people they found sexually attractive through the course of their entire life. Today, one can easily meet ten such people in the same day, either in person or through the Internet. Then one can proceed to create an independent and instantaneous means of communicating with them via smart phone, e-mail, IM or a social-networking website.

Lifetime monogamy, as an economic and sexual ideal, was until only recently a pretty simple promise to keep regardless of how many people one met. On the economic side, money and power were confined to a very small percent of the population. For the average person, there really were not many partner options for earning lifestyle perks, so temptations to stray outside a monogamy promise were often very limited. There were also far fewer big-ticket material possessions to desire.

On the sex side, they generally met their future partner by age eighteen. They married as a virgin at age twenty. They procreated at age twenty-two. They became physically non-attractive in their late twenties. They died when they were in their thirties or forties. In summary, one promised and practiced monogamy for five to ten years while one was still sexually desirable and about ten to twenty years while one was not. Keeping a monogamy promise is not much of a challenge if no one is interested in helping you break it.

Looks like the Execs at CBS have been reading Last Call

CBS issues stern warning to Grammy-goers: Cover Up

Last Call excerpt from Chapter 15, “Power Parts” (pay attention to the bolded paragraph):

This is a great moment in history for the single American male. It is the point in time immediately preceding the female’s return to being completely naked in public, just like at the beginning. Not necessarily naked 24/7, but certainly in settings that offer alcohol and music. Perhaps this may seem a little bold and totally out of character, but my prediction is that in no more than five years the female in America will be down to wearing just a mesh thong and either flip-flops, flats or open-toe shoes with four-inch or higher heels in public.

Yes, the thong will continue to keep her overall least attractive body part covered for just a little while longer—until the surgeons make “designer vagina” plastic surgery more affordable, guaranteeing the ultimate human body part is always pretty in pink. The thong’s days are numbered, that is for sure. In five years or less, female private parts will all be renamed “public parts.”

It has started taking place on the beaches across America and at the international warm weather vacation spots. Today’s beach cover-ups cover less than bathing suits did in the late seventies. Forget about confirming global warming and whether we are to blame; signs of genitalia warming are by far much easier to establish and assess, such as with this chart found on the Internet.

Positive Proof of Global Warming 2-2013

While it is claimed global warming is “a true threat to the public’s health and welfare,” genitalia warming is a much more immediate threat to human modesty and monogamy, and quite possibly human morality as well. It is hard not to wonder if the trend of “barely there” swimwear could have anything to do with the increase in the number of sexual encounters females now have per year, at least the females going on those quarterly “girls only” vacation getaways. This is just another hunch of course.

Off the beach, invisible coats, tops and bottoms are destined to take over the fashion scene no doubt. They will be the perfect solution for when it is too cold outside, or inside for that matter. “Fully Visible Woman” fashion wear will continue to make the female hormones happy by enabling her private parts to flip to public parts 24/7, 365 days a year. Sheer clothing will be remembered as a short stop on the way.

As modern-day sheer materials move ever closer to total transparency, showing silhouettes of intimate apparel in public is now just taken for granted. No wonder panties, and especially bras, are being sold in so many colors and patterns these days. Ever wonder why nipple pasties now come in such a decorative ­variety? Just Google “Rihanna and pasties” and the Barbadian singer’s “peek-a-boob” fashion style will give you a quick update on just how close the female is to being naked, again.

All across America already, females matching the ever-shrinking shirt dress with the increasingly sheer leggings-as-pants, have taken us back to the days before Eve’s fig leaf. Even that fig leaf was far from skin-tight, thus not capable of providing any “camel toe” details. One male friend sums up the latest skin tight and ever sheerer leggings with an ever shorter top look many females are now sporting as simply, “She is letting everyone around her know what she looks like body painted.”

For more examples, take a look at the celebrities walking down any red carpet. In each year’s media photos the outfits not only become more sheer in more places, the designers cut out larger, and more, swaths of cloth from the outfit, very often just barely missing the twenty-two square inches of remaining female private part flesh. Low-cut blouses, barely-there minis, and going backless with daring cut-down-to-there dresses that show off all the right curves. Even when off the red carpet, female celebrities are regularly captured in outfits where colorful and even neon bras are fully displayed, or they are wearing no bra at all with a neckline plunging well below their breasts.

The New York Daily News, under the headline “Stay abreast of Rihanna,” shared how even the nipple pasties’ days are numbered: “Rihanna strolled through NYC Wednesday sans one vital accessory: a bra. The pop princess gave those lunching at Da Silvano quite a show, thanks to a see-through tank which showed just about everything – including a super-scandalous piercing.” On their website, the paper points out, “Then again, Rihanna isn’t exactly the only one showing more than one would expect. . .” For more, Katie Perry and Lady Gaga are also fun to keep track of if one happens to be a breast buff.

Technology Turnaround – Cheaters Beware

Technological advances, especially those over the last ten years, have clearly enabled the cheating chaos in America. But as technology has given people greater ability to have multiple partners dishonestly, it will no doubt turn the corner to begin nailing people who cheat and lie about it. The cell phone and equivalent devices have until now allowed people to secretly manage separate partner accounts by providing for a twenty-four-hour secure communication and messaging center. But that will change.

The good news is that future features will make it nearly impossible to get away with anything but total honesty about one’s sexuality exploits. Yes, smart phones will next offer interactive features such as a Breathalyzer, lie detector and room monitor—with both audio and video. Those features will allow one’s partner to check in on how drunk, false or shady one is being at the moment. These new if not already emerging technologies will most certainly have major effects on sexual politics.

Even better, the caller ID feature is taken for granted across America. Now get ready for synced partnership caller ID. This feature will display all incoming and outgoing calls, text messages and even e-mail or social website exchanges taking place via a partner’s smart phone. If not the content of the exchange, then it will at least display the number or address, and the person’s name as stored in that phone.

In other words, all ingoing and outgoing third-party traffic through smart phones will be common knowledge to both partners. The formal name for this new feature will be committer ID, but it is destined to be informally referred to as cheater ID as it puts to rest all call waiting-associated questions like, “Who’s that calling/speaking to you right now?” No doubt, the associated technology will also identify exactly where they are at that very moment, so the “Where are you right now?” question will also turn obsolete.

Of course, with any technology advances, there will always be counter-technology to block their reliability and use. More than one dog male type got right to the point in some of my “without current partner present” interviews. However, their main solution was technology free – to carry two phones or to just stop carrying a phone altogether. In fact, many ­business-oriented people already do carry two phones, supposedly for the sole purpose of separating work from play. Some just have that second phone through pay-as-you-go arrangements, where no name, ID, or credit card requirements make the entire transaction anonymous and thus untraceable.

But have no fear. Last Call’s overhaul will shut down such strategic moves and clearly establish their practitioners as “monogamy promise” unfriendly. Prospective partners, especially the females who are still seeking out one of the rare good guy males, will recognize those defensive measures. Secret devices, left-back-home devices and even old-fashioned blocked numbers need not apply.

During my research, many expressed concern that if a partnership needed any of those features, how could they say there was real trust between them. I say get over it already. Part of trust is not having anything to hide, especially when one is without their partner consuming alcohol and listening to music amongst other opposite-sex people.

Yes, it is time to reintroduce the most powerful form of trust, that is, absolute trust. With it, a second concern tied to all of the future technology advances is that it might just turn out to be too much information: “seeing” those who are calling one’s partner or who they are calling might be misinterpreted more often than not. Yet, absolute trust has less to do with a partner’s interpretation abilities, and way more to do with that partner knowing ahead of time who and what any particular person means to their partner – especially if they make contact multiple times in a day. That partner needs to know if they are a brand new acquaintance, just an old friend, just a co-worker, a current suitor, an ex-partner—or a current one.

February 13th Poll #1

February 13th Poll #2

Valentine’s Day 2013 Special #2 (check out the bolded paragraph)

If one really, really thinks about it, there is a lot of gamesmanship going on in the heterosexual hook-up and dating world. What about the excuse of getting someone’s contact call info for business reasons, under the pretense they can help that person get a job, new customers/clients or sell their car? Or stating that one did not give one’s contact call info out but instead told the interested opposite-sex person where one works or regularly hangs out.

By the way, consider this part of the contact call info definition from now on: providing a sexually interested third party a method to have post-first meeting interaction, whether it is electronically or in person, counts as exchanging contact call info. This also definitely includes contacting them with one’s unblocked smart phone or e-mail address soon after first meeting for that “business” reason or otherwise—instantaneously giving your contact call info anyway.

Then there are those situations when a partner hooks up with someone who has to have it remain a secret because he or she is supposedly already involved monogamously. So what does one do about telling their current honestly non-monogamous partner about this hook-up? Co-worker sexual partnerships, for instance, often have to be kept secret due to human zoo rules, especially when one partner is the boss of the other.

Even better, when one is juggling two partners in the same workplace the temptation to let neither know about the other can run deep. Whether tied directly to work or not, one of the biggest sins, I mean games, no I really mean sins (as far as I’m concerned, at this point at least), is when someone allows a current partner to meet and greet another current or recent partner without knowing it. I also find it troublesome if one partner or even both partners are independently partying to the point of exhaustion, and then giving way less than quality time to each other the next day.

The gamesmanship behind disclosing future plans, especially if they involve opposite-sex people or risky activities, could make for an interesting study. Last Call believes it is important to give one’s partner enough notice to make his or her own plans, which should have the potential for just as much opposite-sex company time fun if he or she wants it. Similarly, what is fair when one is invited to an event on a day one’s partner is not available, or if the invite does not include guests, or at least opposite-sex guests? The most questionable move is when one is asked by a partner to do something on a specific night, and then saying no (or nothing at all) because one already has plans that do not include that partner.

Speaking of which, the celebration of Valentine’s Day in recent years has taken on a whole new meaning if one is into undercover detective work, whether for hire or just oneself. February 13th is now recognized as the second biggest night out for couples. When a current “main” partner is unavailable, missing in action, or just going out with the boys/girls, snooping has never turned up so much. Yes, the 13th is the day for sharing company time with that “other” partner, and then some.

When meeting a person one likes and ends up having sex with, it is always interesting to observe how that person communicates about their own third-party opposite-sex people matters both before and after the fact. If you are discussing the names and events of the opposite-sex people with whom you are currently interacting and you notice that the new partner does none of the above, please quickly reflect for a moment as to why. It is almost impossible that the person is not in touch with people from their past, and certainly that person is still meeting new people on a regular basis.

The partnership tool set (see Last Call Tools and Forms) will now painlessly help alleviate this imbalance or, if called for, provide the justification for moving on. While some tools from this set might initially be construed as controlling, the people actually doing the controlling are those who are not fully disclosing what they are up to during their non-partner-present time with other opposite-sex people. Think about it.

Dog Catching

The majority of American males participating in the heterosexual hook-up and dating world fall into two distinct categories: the Dog Male and the non-dog male. While some Dog Males are eventually tamed into non-dog males, many on occasion simply give the appearance they are no longer Dogs. These are males who are well known for consistently going out-of-bounds with their spend presentations, using at the bare minimum their power of charm to persuade targeted females into having sex.

Even worse, many of these males have been deceiving traditionally thinking and acting females into monogamy promises, while being far from monogamous themselves. Openly demanding, and expecting, honestly monogamous behavior from their multiple female partners – yes, multiple – they go about their lives in an undercover dishonestly ­monogamous way.

Why the dog label? Is there any other animal, pet or otherwise, that constantly tries to eat and hump everything within its reach? Male dogs (unneutered of course) will partake of those activities regardless of how it appears to the people around them, and regardless of how long it has been since the last time. They certainly won’t bother to report what they did to anyone else. The male dog may understand and ­respect boundaries, but he will still jump the fence to chase after that female dog.

Like the male dog, the Dog Male is forever capable of deceiving any targeted female. Even though he might not end up having sex, he will often partake in verbal and even physical flirting, saying and doing things he would never get away with if his main partner were present. In contrast, the non-dog male sticks with a brutal honesty approach before, during and after sex.

In spite of DIS I (i.e., Dictator Impotency Syndrome as defined in Chapter 6 of Last Call), there are still plenty of Dog Males out there, regularly running multiple accounts without being honest with any of them. Whether Yesterday’s or Today’s version, they survive sexually by very frequently employing biased dishonesty practices. In other words, they live by the art of deception. While enforcing hidden agendas, they tell the female anything they feel she wants or needs to hear, in order to end up having sex, both first time and repeat – Theorem 5.4, “Fine Lines” in action (see Theorem 5.4). Table 6.2 provides a summary of the two male player positions:

Table 6.2 Male Player Whether or not the male is a Dog or non-dog, they all easily fall under the male player label, using their charm, money and power to obtain sex with multiple females throughout the year. However, by definition, only the Dog Male invokes the phrase provided in Table 6.3 – just replace the X with the name of a country or city, or even the town next door, and one is set to justify cheating in any capacity.

Table 6.3 Male Phrase

“What happens in X, stays in X” is a special favorite of the Dog Male when overnight stays are involved, a part of such events as business trips, boys’ weekends ­including attending ball games or playing golf, and bachelor parties. Conversely, the non-dog male would never have any use for the phrase, given his inherent trait of brutal honesty.

Another distinctive characteristic of the Dog Male player is that he is always in pursuit mode, no matter who he has in his life sexually and what his living arrangements are. His pursuit mode is even on at times when with his current partner who is standing in the same room. Although yet to be scientifically proven, I am convinced that one dead giveaway on who the Dogs are, is any prolonged touching, that is caressing, while in conversation with the female. Something he would never do while in conversation with a fellow male, and most certainly will do with the next female he finds attractive. That is in comparison to the non-dog male player, who is often very comfortable with focusing all of his efforts (and touching) on just one female for a period of time.

Finally, I have two quick notes I would like to direct to the Dog Males out there. First, deceiving a new female and cheating on a current female partner are easy things to do. Second, just because one is an animal does not mean one has the right to lie. As one female friend said, “Just tell her the truth and let her sip on that for a while.” Last Call proclaims that, as of this moment, the Dog Male player no longer deserves a girlfriend let alone a wife.

Valentine’s Day 2013 Special #1

Theorem 20.1 – Match Points: Although certain differences between partners might not appear to be deal breakers, when enough of them are added together they can be significant. When partners do not match up well with the following personality trait points, the likelihood for an eventual physical cheat event is increased.

> One is fit and one is not
> One enjoys socializing and one does not
> One dances and one does not
> One drinks alcohol and one does not
> One uses drugs and does not
> One loves sex and one does not

Proof: The more personality trait points such as fitness, socializing, dancing, drinking, drugs or sex within a speak-daily partnership that do not match very well, the more likely one or both partners will seek someone else to fill the gaps. If one partner is staying fit while the other is becoming unfit, ­ultimately the fit partner is likely to turn elsewhere. The same can be said for socializing, dancing, ­drinking, using drugs, and enjoying sex.

When the two partners do not match on any point and one partner is on the positive side and the other partner is on the negative side, the speak-daily partnership’s days are most likely numbered. If one is fit, socializing, dancing, drinking alcohol responsibly, refraining from illegal drug use, and putting their best effort into sex, and the other is not, speak-daily partnership contract termination is inevitable.

Think About It #1

When discussing the topic of heterosexual hooking up and dating, it is important to first recognize the opposing benefits and costs of acting sexually available versus unavailable for the male and female. Acting sexually unavailable for the male is so much cheaper financially since he finds himself no longer spending his money on more than one female at any one time. However, acting sexually unavailable for the female is quite the opposite. Upon reaching the point where she only allows one male to pay for her, say during a particular calendar month, she is then faced with the financial burden of having to pay her way when without him.

Meanwhile, acting sexually available for the male is so much more expensive as he is expected to subsidize the majority of food, beverage, entertainment and travel expenses incurred by whatever females he spends company time. Conversely, acting sexually available for the female can be a gold mine.

This simple economic viewpoint does not add up well for the male, both when seeking a new partner, and especially once in a monogamy promising partnership of any significant time period. How exactly does a female partner handle the financial incentive to allow sexually interested third party males to subsidize her when her male partner is not present?

The goal of Last Call is to rein the lopsidedness that exists today between the two genders in the heterosexual hook-up and dating world, while simultaneously outing all those who are cheating and then lying about it. The former will be accomplished by addressing head-on the female’s advantages over the male and delivering equalizing solutions. Part of that will include the strongest argument to date for finally decriminalizing independent, pimp-less, street-less, eighteen and older, female-to-male direct pay sex.

As for the latter, the cheating chaos, technologies will soon be upon America that will nail people within twenty-four hours after cheating. So now is the time—if there ever was one—for a universally recognizable and honesty enabling communication and classification system.