Technology Turnaround – Cheaters Beware

Technological advances, especially those over the last ten years, have clearly enabled the cheating chaos in America. But as technology has given people greater ability to have multiple partners dishonestly, it will no doubt turn the corner to begin nailing people who cheat and lie about it. The cell phone and equivalent devices have until now allowed people to secretly manage separate partner accounts by providing for a twenty-four-hour secure communication and messaging center. But that will change.

The good news is that future features will make it nearly impossible to get away with anything but total honesty about one’s sexuality exploits. Yes, smart phones will next offer interactive features such as a Breathalyzer, lie detector and room monitor—with both audio and video. Those features will allow one’s partner to check in on how drunk, false or shady one is being at the moment. These new if not already emerging technologies will most certainly have major effects on sexual politics.

Even better, the caller ID feature is taken for granted across America. Now get ready for synced partnership caller ID. This feature will display all incoming and outgoing calls, text messages and even e-mail or social website exchanges taking place via a partner’s smart phone. If not the content of the exchange, then it will at least display the number or address, and the person’s name as stored in that phone.

In other words, all ingoing and outgoing third-party traffic through smart phones will be common knowledge to both partners. The formal name for this new feature will be committer ID, but it is destined to be informally referred to as cheater ID as it puts to rest all call waiting-associated questions like, “Who’s that calling/speaking to you right now?” No doubt, the associated technology will also identify exactly where they are at that very moment, so the “Where are you right now?” question will also turn obsolete.

Of course, with any technology advances, there will always be counter-technology to block their reliability and use. More than one dog male type got right to the point in some of my “without current partner present” interviews. However, their main solution was technology free – to carry two phones or to just stop carrying a phone altogether. In fact, many ­business-oriented people already do carry two phones, supposedly for the sole purpose of separating work from play. Some just have that second phone through pay-as-you-go arrangements, where no name, ID, or credit card requirements make the entire transaction anonymous and thus untraceable.

But have no fear. Last Call’s overhaul will shut down such strategic moves and clearly establish their practitioners as “monogamy promise” unfriendly. Prospective partners, especially the females who are still seeking out one of the rare good guy males, will recognize those defensive measures. Secret devices, left-back-home devices and even old-fashioned blocked numbers need not apply.

During my research, many expressed concern that if a partnership needed any of those features, how could they say there was real trust between them. I say get over it already. Part of trust is not having anything to hide, especially when one is without their partner consuming alcohol and listening to music amongst other opposite-sex people.

Yes, it is time to reintroduce the most powerful form of trust, that is, absolute trust. With it, a second concern tied to all of the future technology advances is that it might just turn out to be too much information: “seeing” those who are calling one’s partner or who they are calling might be misinterpreted more often than not. Yet, absolute trust has less to do with a partner’s interpretation abilities, and way more to do with that partner knowing ahead of time who and what any particular person means to their partner – especially if they make contact multiple times in a day. That partner needs to know if they are a brand new acquaintance, just an old friend, just a co-worker, a current suitor, an ex-partner—or a current one.

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