The STUD Defense System is the perfect solution for a “not sexually available” woman when out without her boyfriend.

If a female absolutely has no choice but to play her respective gender role when without her partner, standardized defense statements are here to save the moment. Introducing the hopefully soon to be Council-sanctioned Shun The Un-Deterred defense system. The STUD defense system is designed to be recognizable by any male on every occasion. It will actually prove to be a very effective means for keeping sexually interested people of any gender at bay while out, no matter what one’s friends are up to.

Table 18.8 summarizes each defense round:

Round Style Defense Statement
one amicable no thank you
two angled I am not sexually available
three analytical no means no the first time, the second time, and now this third time
four assertive get away from me
Table 18.8: STUD Defense System;  Source: Last Call © 2013

Those four verbal defense statements are designed to progressively get less cordial and at the same time more focused. First, the female will amicably try “No thank you” to any offers of a drink, dance or lengthy conversation attempt…and now that I think about it, body or hair touching, prolonged caressing and mini massages as well. If not successful, the female will next take the angle that “I am not sexually available.” If the male still persists, going analytical on him with “No means no the first time, the second time, and now this third time” should do the trick. If not, a very assertive “Get away from me” gets straight to the point.

Now I realize it is a worry of some that they do not want to appear bitchy, especially to male friends of their friends. But I say the person being the bitch is the one insisting on the pursuit past “no thank you.” Upon getting drinks paid for despite one’s protest and then getting rejected on buying a round back – whether when part of a group or flying solo – simply walk away at that point. As a common-sense reminder, the ultimate solution is to remove oneself from that human jungle scenario altogether.

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