The “Who Pays?” Game Update #Dating #Sex

Some 50 years after the initiation of the feminist movement, is there really any doubt that it is time for the female to start paying her way? Let’s just jump to “the why’s” if you don’t mind. According to the New York Post and Time Magazine this past week, apparently there still is considerable push back, from both genders no less:

Kick in, $weetie! Two-thirds of men say women should pay their share on dates

Study: Men Want Women to Chip In on Dates, but Are Afraid to Ask

We all are aware that tradition had the male paying for the female, which made sense given how the female was not represented in the workforce to any real extent, and certainly not even close to equally with the male. We also know that most females back then traditionally stuck it out with just one subsidizing male at a time.

Those days are officially done, and have been for quite some time now.

Modern-day, American-style female empowerment includes the following:

1) The right to make as much money as the male upon making the same choices, including taking on more risk, travel and hours per week.

2) The right to date older, more financially successful males, while regularly blowing off same-age males.

3) The right to not only not “give up” her sex to the subsidizing males who wish to have sex with her, but to text other males while out and about with a particular subsidizing male, thus robbing him of his at-the-moment “paid for” company time, which never was possible before the smart phone.

4) The right to have multiple males subsidizing her food, beverage, entertainment and travel-related expenses in a given calendar month, to the tune of $25 or more per male, all on an “income-in-kind” tax-free basis.

5) The right to slowly but surely take over the real estate and stock markets with all the money not being spent while sharing company time with the male, all while accumulating clothes, shoes and accessories beyond any grandmother’s wildest dreams, not to mention indulging in unlimited spa days and vacation getaways at will.

If these “why’s” are not enough to convince you the time is officially here for the American female to pay her way (notably, just her way and not for the male as he has had to endure for so long), nothing ever will. Except maybe this:

The only way the genders in America will ever truly be equal on all fronts is for sex and status sharing to be viewed as a two-way street, not a one-way street where the female is “giving it up” while enjoying the fruits of the male’s labor to that point in time; a two-way street just like so many lesbians have enjoyed for decades. Further, by paying one’s way at all times, the female will no longer be giving the expectation that her sex is now due to the male because he paid for everything. Come on ladies, think about it.

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