Think About It #1

When discussing the topic of heterosexual hooking up and dating, it is important to first recognize the opposing benefits and costs of acting sexually available versus unavailable for the male and female. Acting sexually unavailable for the male is so much cheaper financially since he finds himself no longer spending his money on more than one female at any one time. However, acting sexually unavailable for the female is quite the opposite. Upon reaching the point where she only allows one male to pay for her, say during a particular calendar month, she is then faced with the financial burden of having to pay her way when without him.

Meanwhile, acting sexually available for the male is so much more expensive as he is expected to subsidize the majority of food, beverage, entertainment and travel expenses incurred by whatever females he spends company time. Conversely, acting sexually available for the female can be a gold mine.

This simple economic viewpoint does not add up well for the male, both when seeking a new partner, and especially once in a monogamy promising partnership of any significant time period. How exactly does a female partner handle the financial incentive to allow sexually interested third party males to subsidize her when her male partner is not present?

The goal of Last Call is to rein the lopsidedness that exists today between the two genders in the heterosexual hook-up and dating world, while simultaneously outing all those who are cheating and then lying about it. The former will be accomplished by addressing head-on the female’s advantages over the male and delivering equalizing solutions. Part of that will include the strongest argument to date for finally decriminalizing independent, pimp-less, street-less, eighteen and older, female-to-male direct pay sex.

As for the latter, the cheating chaos, technologies will soon be upon America that will nail people within twenty-four hours after cheating. So now is the time—if there ever was one—for a universally recognizable and honesty enabling communication and classification system.

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