Valentine’s Day 2013 Special #1

Theorem 20.1 – Match Points: Although certain differences between partners might not appear to be deal breakers, when enough of them are added together they can be significant. When partners do not match up well with the following personality trait points, the likelihood for an eventual physical cheat event is increased.

> One is fit and one is not
> One enjoys socializing and one does not
> One dances and one does not
> One drinks alcohol and one does not
> One uses drugs and does not
> One loves sex and one does not

Proof: The more personality trait points such as fitness, socializing, dancing, drinking, drugs or sex within a speak-daily partnership that do not match very well, the more likely one or both partners will seek someone else to fill the gaps. If one partner is staying fit while the other is becoming unfit, ­ultimately the fit partner is likely to turn elsewhere. The same can be said for socializing, dancing, ­drinking, using drugs, and enjoying sex.

When the two partners do not match on any point and one partner is on the positive side and the other partner is on the negative side, the speak-daily partnership’s days are most likely numbered. If one is fit, socializing, dancing, drinking alcohol responsibly, refraining from illegal drug use, and putting their best effort into sex, and the other is not, speak-daily partnership contract termination is inevitable.

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