Is there any Truth to the “Good Guys Always Lose” Mantra?

With the fourth and final tier (of “celebrity” power points), we have the really bad boy, usually described by the terms “thug,” “criminal,” “prisoner” or “convict.” They prove the truth of the notion “good guys always lose.” In one example, Magdalena Sanchez, a prison ward psychologist, had sex with Demetrius Hill, a “violent, abusive, twice-convicted felon who is a member of the Bloods gang”—in spite of the fact that Ms. Sanchez’s husband was a highly successful Wall Street banker, making millions to support her while in a $70,000-a-year job. Yet, Mr. Hill’s bad boy celebrity status had Ms. Sanchez putting her upper-class lifestyle at risk. Hmmm

Another example of a bad boy celebrity is convicted murderer Scott Peterson, whose female fan mail rolled in years after his incarceration. Now there is a male who was not only regularly cheating on his wife, but also killed her and their unborn child after the fact. And females still wanted him sexually. This type of non-celebrity-female-to-celebrity-male chaos has even me at a loss for words, if you can ­believe that.

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